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Main Street, Lochcarron
IV54 8YD
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The Lochcarron and District Business Association (LaDBA) is tasked with providing support for the local business community in and around Lochcarron, Wester Ross, Scotland.




Alec Cormack

I am writing to draw your attention to the VisitScotland & NC500 Business Roadshow, which is being held at the Carron Restaurant on Wednesday 8th March. Full details below.

Virtually all LaDBA members are involved with tourism, either directly or indirectly, and it is very much in our interest to attend this event. Both VisitScotland, and NC500, are making a big effort to popularise the Highlands this year, and this is our chance to raise with both organisations any points we want to make, and to find out what help is available for our businesses.

You will find details of how to book your FREE place on the New and Events Page

The Carron Restaurant have generously offered to host this event, and have recently built a new extension (and will be re-opening from Monday 13th February), so this will be a good opportunity for us all to see what John and Claire have done. Those who can't attend on 8th March are invited to call in anytime to see what has been achieved.

Please book now, while you are thinking about it, and make a big effort to attend this very worthwhile event.

Hope to see you there.

Alastair Baxter

Chairman - Lochcarron and District Business and Tourism Association

Sport in Lochcarron - Golf, Sailing and Shinty

Alec Cormack


The Club runs regular dinghy racing and training from April to October, and its yacht races are held throughout the season from May onwards, usually on Sundays.


  • Lochcarron Shinty Club are about to start a new season playing in North Division 2. Home games take place in the attractive venue of Battery Park in Lochcarron on most Saturdays from early March to late October. For fixtures and results visit their website.

Tourism Development Strategy

Alec Cormack

The fullWester Ross Tourism Development strategy document is available here 

This is the opening few paragraphs

Wester Ross is an area of the North West Highlands with a population of 6,000. The main population centres are Ullapool, Gairloch and Lochcarron, although there are a large number of smaller villages and rural communities.

Tourism is a key component of the local economy. 16.1% of Wester Ross’s working population are employed in the distribution, hotels and catering sector, compared with 9.3% across Highland region as a whole. Distribution, hotels and catering is the largest employment sector in Wester Ross. In addition, 23.1% of local housing stock is used as second or holiday homes. This compares with 6.2% across Highland region as a whole. (All figures from Highland Council, “Wester Ross Facts and Figures” appendix to Wester Ross Local Plan)

Visit Wester Ross is one of a number of local tourism and business associations and community organisations with an active interest in developing and promoting tourism. It is the only such body that aspires to represent and support tourism interests throughout Wester Ross, rather than a smaller, more localised part of the area. As such, it is recognised as the foremost private sector led tourism body in the area by agencies such as Highlands Council, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and VisitScotland, and has sought to develop an area wide remit by liaising and working in partnership with other localised groups.

Visit Wester Ross developed out of the earlier Celtic Fringe tourism group, which primarily focused on the National Scenic Area of Wester Ross. Celtic Fringe collaborated with Gairloch & Loch Ewe Action Forum (GALE), a community owned charitable development company, Lochcarron & District Business Association, Gairloch Business Association and Ullapool Tourism and Business Association on the Tourism @ Wester Ross Initiative, which developed and began implementing a Marketing Strategy for the area in 2005. However, the initiative disbanded when it was unable to secure sustainable funding streams to implement the Strategy in full.

Celtic Fringe changed its name to Visit Wester Ross in order to continue to progress elements of the 2005 Marketing Strategy across all of the area. Visit Wester Ross currently has approximately 160 member businesses and organisations.

Visit Wester Ross have now commissioned Tourism and Leisure Solutions to assist in drafting a new Tourism Development Strategy for the area that will identify and prioritise tourism development opportunities to 2020. 

The North Coast 500 Business Club Membership - LaDBA Discount

Alec Cormack

Fully paid up members of LaDBA are able to claim a discount on their membership of the North Coast 500 Business Club.

If you received an email from NC500 you will see that you can claim the discount by ticking the appropriate box. We have work with Visit Wester Ross to ensure that all full paid up members who wish to join the Business Club can do so at a reduced rate. 

If you have not received an email from them here are the links to join.

Download Subscription Form

Direct Debit Mandate

Download Business Brand and Trademark terms

Extract from the NC500 email:

The North Coast 500 Business Club

The North Coast 500 (NC500) has experienced phenomenal growth this year, emerging as an award-winning brand concept that has been celebrated and recognised by national and international media, including; National Geographic, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Scotsman, The Scottish Sun, BBC Landward, BBC Countryfile, British Airways, American Airlines and many, many more. We have reached a potential audience of over 620 million across our various media channels and with a significant social media following and media interest, we would like to use this platform to tell the world about our businesses in the beautiful, under-estimated, North Highlands of Scotland. 

We have created the North Coast 500 Business Club Membership to create a closer knit community of the businesses from all corners of the North Highlands, who share a common goal in creating better opportunities for their businesses and outstanding experiences for visitors. We will be offering the following benefits to members; 

  1. Permission to use the NC500 & North Coast 500 branding (with guidelines and terms of use)
  2. Members Logo on NC500 website listing
  3. NC500 Member window sticker for business 
  4. Monthly newsletters on statistics and reach and opportunities
  5. Exclusive members only seminars & networking events
  6. Priority List for PR & Marketing activities
  7. NC500 Maps Order Form
  8. Introduction to Social Media Package ( 8 social media posts each year)
  9. Opportunity to apply for a merchandise license
  10. Opportunity to reach the NC500 consumer memberships via various promotional platforms

These fantastic benefits have been designed to highlight you as a trusted business and friend of the route to potential visitors and also to increase your reach through our Members Only marketing opportunities. 

How Much?

he prices are based on an annual cost and can be paid by direct debit (10% discount) or by Bank Transfer. The prices below indicate the annual cost when paying by direct debit. For non-direct debit pricing, please refer to the Business Subscription Form. 

non-VAT  Registered £100

1- 2       Employees £150

3 - 5      Employees £200

6 - 10    Employees £320

11 - 20  Employees £450

21 - 30  Employees £600

31 +      Employees £960
* All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. 

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering up to £40 off the cost of your Membership if you are a fully paid up member of any of the following recognised Area Tourism Groups; Venture North, Visit Wester Ross, Explore Easter Ross, Lochcarron & District Business Association, Discover Assynt or Black Isle Tourism.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the benefits please telephone the NC500 main office on 01955 609806 or email



An Carrannach

Alec Cormack

An Carrannach.

The General Interest Magazine of Lochcarron, Shieldaig, Applecross, Kishorn, and Torridon and Kinlochewe Districts has recently enjoyed a production quality facelift. The magazine (print only) is a rich source of information for news, announcements, and reports about local events, activities of voluntary groups and those of clubs and associations, together with weather records, and much more. Published monthly, it is widely available in local shops and other retail outlets.

For those unable to buy a copy of An Carrannach locally it's available on subscription.

Lochcarron Out and About Guide

Alec Cormack

Many shorter routes are community Core Paths designated and maintained by the local Council. These routes are usually marked and signposted. Other walks use old Rights of Way that provided vital links between communities before the advent of car travel. The upland routes often follow stalking paths, built in the 19th century to provide access for deer shooting and retrieval by horse. Some sections are rough and pathless. Nearly all routes described are circular to facilitate car users. More experienced hill-walkers can go beyond the bounds of these walks to enjoy the magnificent mountains of the area. We have nine Munros (peaks over 3,000 feet high) and eight Corbetts (hills over 2,500 feet high) within a 10 mile radius of Lochcarron. Before using this guide please carefully read the User Information. Accept responsibility for your own safety and remember the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Enjoy your walking! 


Lochcarron Out and About Guide

Alec Cormack


The Lochcarron area has much to offer discerning visitors – notably its superb scenery, with all the enjoyment that affords. Well known to walkers and climbers for many years, fishermen too are now discovering it. Here, selected lochs and rivers are revealed not only as places where an angler’s skill may be tested, but also as wild and beautiful places in their own right.

Click below to see the section on Fishing.

Keeping up with the rules and regulations

Alec Cormack

People who let properties have a few more hoops to navigate by the end of this year. The Scottish government has introduced new regulations which mean that anyone renting out a property will need to comply.

A number of members have already discovered the extent of the changes they need to make and our thanks to Jim Mould who has created an information sheet about these new hoops.

Jim points out that his notes are for guidance ONLY, your specific situation may differ from others so take professional advice about your needs. That said our thanks to Jim Mould for the effort he has taken to ensure his cottage owners are aware of the new rules.


New Fire Safety Regulations for Furnished Holiday Lets

2nd February 2016

It has come to my attention, purely by chance, that new regulations have recently been introduced which cover self-catering holiday lets. I understand that the regulations are already in place and that holiday property owners have until the end of 2016 in which to comply with them.

These regulations seem to have been a fairly closely guarded secret and many holiday property owners appear to be completely unaware of them, as indeed was I until I happened to telephone Iain JeckMacKenzie, our local electrician, on another matter. Iain himself had discovered details of the regulations by chance as a result of having been contacted by one of his customers who wanted him to bring the electrics in his cottage up to date. The gist of what Iain told me was as follows:-

All smoke alarms have a working life of 10 years at the end of which they are regarded as at “end of life” and need replacing. This is a compulsory requirement for holiday homes – and obviously advisory for one’s own home.

It is now a requirement that smoke alarms in holiday lets should be hard-wired, not simply battery operated. This has been a requirement of building regulations for all new builds for several years but now applies to all holiday properties without exception.

The battery back-up in hard-wired alarms now needs to be of the lithium type. These batteries are available in the same 9-volt format as ordinary smoke alarm batteries. They’re more expensive (£9.99 each on the Maplins’ website, for example) but they do last for 10 years, so they’re cheaper in the long run. “Ordinary” batteries in smoke alarms are supposed to be replaced every 12 months.

  • Smoke alarms in kitchen areas must incorporate a heat detector.

  • All the smoke alarms in a property must now be inter-linked so that they all sound if just one of them is triggered. That should make holiday guests think twice about burning the toast! The inter- linking can either be hard-wired or wireless. The latter is obviously easier.

There should be a carbon monoxide detector in rooms where there are fuel-burning devices. These can be battery operated. Hard-wired ones are available but are much more expensive.

Holiday properties must now have a modern consumer unit with the appropriate trips rather than the old-fashioned type of fuse box. This must make sense anyway as we hardly want holiday guests trying to repair a blown fuse.

Although not a requirement of the regulations, I did find in one official online document a recommendation that there should be some form of emergency lighting in holiday properties to enable swift and easy escape from the building in the event of a fire causing a power failure. Once again, this makes sense anyway, especially in this part of the world where power outages are not unknown, as it’s unwise to allow holiday guests to play around with matches and candles.

Finally, very important: each holiday property must have an up-to-date Electrical Certificate. This is not the same as PAT testing which is merely a check on individual electrical appliances. The Electrical Certificate is issued by a fully qualified electrician and confirms that the whole electrical installation in the building complies with current standards. The certificate is valid for 5 years at the end of which another must be obtained.

I hope this is helpful. The foregoing is based on my understanding of the information given to me verbally by Iain, so I cannot guarantee that its 100% accurate. My best advice is that you should contact a professionally qualified electrician and/or fire safety officer as soon as possible. I believe there are some quite hefty penalties for failing to comply with the new regulations so this is obviously a matter of quite some importance. 

Jim Mould

Three documents are available here

Do you have a view about this? Our next meeting is on 25th February in the Upper Village Hall at 7:30pm. Tell us your views. 

Good News!

Alec Cormack

Resurfacing works on the A896 Main Street Lochcarron from Mon 30th Nov expect delays.

Good to hear now what about all the other bits of work the local roads need.