Minutes of the 2016 AGM


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 28th April 2016


Present: Alastair Baxter, Alec Cormack, Martin Moran, Joanna Macpherson, Michelle Teago, Rosemary Gates, Jim Mould, John McGale, Rob & Jan Teago, Avril MacKenzie, Roger Cundiff, Steven Proudfoot, Moira Innes, Cindie Reiter, Aileen Grant, Joy Moran, Hannah Cundiff, Vicky Stonebridge and Guest Speaker Catherine Bentley of True Highlands.


Apologies: Lisa & Viv Rollo, Stewart Macleod, Margaret & Gerry Arscott, Lorna Shelbourn, Kirsty Morrison, Judith Fish, Hans & Anthea Zell.


Alistair welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending and introduced our guest Catherine Bentley who is here to give a talk on Social Media at the end of the meeting.


Minutes of Previous AGM  had been circulated and approved as correct by Alec & Hannah.

Matters Arising - None


Chairperson Report - Alastair thanked the committee and the regular attendees to the meetings.  Roger has now retired and was thanked for all his work to date.  Alec was thanked for dealing with the membership and the website etc.  Avril thanked for all that she does for Ladba.  Michelle thanked for taking on the production of the guidebook insert.  The Bypass rumbles on with no further decisions coming from the Council. No Money Highland Council continue with their annual inspections and maintenance programmes.   Applecross Inn are to be congratulated on gaining a further 2 awards this year. NC500 can only have a positive impact on visitor numbers.  Applecross has had its busiest winter ever.  Note that paid up members of Ladba get a £40 reduction to join NC500 business club membership.  Guidebook is very popular and would encourage all to use it especially in accommodation businesses.


Treasurer Martin Circulated Accounts which had been prepared by Blair Houser. Thank you to Blair for his ongoing Accountancy work.  Joanna proposed and Jan seconded the approval of the Accounts.

Secretary - Although retired Roger would like to say he had received more emails today than every before.  Also he seemed to be suffering with a spam email being sent from his address do not open. Alec reminded us all if it looks dodgy it probably is and not to open it.

Membership Secretary we have 78 full members 7 free, 7 reduced and 5 pending. Thanks to Martin for processing standing orders14 email shots have been sent on various issues opened by 66% - remember to let Alec know your facebook and twitter then Ladba can like you.

Election of Committee - Chairperson Alastair Baxter, TreasurerMartin Moran Secretary Michelle Teago, Membership Alec Cormack

Jim Mould proposed and Rob Teago Seconded

There should also be at least 4 non office bearers on the Committee these are

Avril MacKenzie, Jan Teago, John McGale, Jim Mould

Alistair Baxter Proposed and Joanna Macpherson Seconded.

Appointment of Accountant Alistair proposed and Martin Seconded the formal appointment of Blair Houser

AOB Draft Constitution was circulated - the constitution had been drawn up 15 years ago and required to be updated to be more inclusive of tourism business.  Also to make a quorum of 5 Committee members present in order to pass expenditure over £500. Also to formalise the committee structure. minor changes made on the night Michelle will circulate the draft along with the minutes for formal adoption at the next meeting.

Wester Ross Biosphere - we have a representative on the steering group.   Visit Wester Ross - working with them and link with NC500 feedback and help etc.

Aileen asked if Ladba would be commenting on the local plan -development project.  after discussion it was agreed to encourage members to comment, to remind those who have already commented to comment again.  Steven will attend CC meeting on Ladba behalf and report back at next meeting.

Consultation on the plans for the road through Lair open meeting on Thursday 2nd June in the Small Hall between 2 and 6 pm.

Roger Retires - Sincere thanks and appreciation for what you have done over your 15 years of service.  We hope you will still attend the odd meeting now and then.  Roger was presented with a small gift as a token of our appreciation.

Roger thanked everyone and wishes success to Michelle taking on the role and offered support and advice if she needs it.


Post Meeting Note All forthcoming meetings will be held on the Fourth Tuesday of each Month

Date of next meeting Tuesday 24th May at 7.30pm