The sheltered, deep waters of Lochcarron, Loch Kishorn and the Inner Sound offer route options to suit every ability and confidence level. This guide aims to highlight the best routes in the area and you should be mindful of the following. Written by Mike Arkley. 

Here we show extracts from the Kayaking section of the guide, full details are included in the publication.


Sea Kayaking has potential for risk and injury - ensure that your party has one member who can perform deep-water rescue and towing techniques and is trained and practiced in these. Some routes are committing, where you may be at sea for extended periods at risk of changing conditions and where demands will be placed on the individual paddling skills within the group. Paddlers should have a good grasp of the basic skills as well as being well-practiced in essential stability and recovery skills.

Protection of Wildlife

From early May to late July do not disturb nesting birds or seal colonies or those with young between these periods. Outside these times always consider your impact on wildlife. Do not paddle directly into seal colonies. When porpoises, dolphins or whales are present allow them to come to you. Do not chase after them. Stay 100 metres out and paddle parallel to wildlife.

©  Michael Stuart Green 

© Michael Stuart Green 

Route Grades

  • GREEN Short routes of 5-10 km with lots of options to get out or turn tail if the weather changes; emphasis is on pottering about rather than eating up the kilometres; non tidal, sheltered, physically easy.
  • BLUE Medium-length route of 10-15 km with some exposure to open sea areas and bigger wave action; some tidal movement may affect the journey; physically requiring more effort and more planning with particular consideration to weather changes over a longer period.
  • RED Longer routes of 15-25 km with plenty of exposure to long fetches, wind and wave action; tidal movement throughout the duration will need to be built into the plan; big demands will be placed on individual fitness during extended periods paddling into the wind.

All routes have start points which minimise disturbance to local residents and facilitate your launches and landings. Please ensure that your vehicle does not block driveways or track entrances. Distances are given as a round trip returning to the start point unless stated otherwise.


The information contained on this page is also available in the Lochcarron Out and About guide available locally in Lochcarron or by post