LOCAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY - Covering postcode area IV54 – Fifth Edition

The last directory was published in 2012, and I have been persuaded that an updated version is necessary! I am currently working my way through the latest BT Phone Book, checking entries against my existing records, adding and removing where needed. In order to comply with Data Protection regulations, I can only use information which is already published and is in the public domain, such as the BT Phone Book and local advertisements. From my previous productions I am aware that some local residents who have ar- ranged to be nationally ex-directory may wish to have a local entry, or wish to publish their mobile number or email address. If you fall into this category, or conversely do not wish to have any details included, please advise me as soon as possible by email to cundiffroger@gmail.com, giving me your permission to publish your specific information.

Previous editions have also included some “yellow pages” of local businesses and trades, details of which I have obtained from sources such as An Carrannach. Again, if you would like to include your trade or business details, please let me have an email.

The closing date for these extras is 30 June 2017. I look forward to hearing from you!


Alec Cormack

The last 25 years has been focused on helping clients understand their customers, using technology that allow them to sell in a smarter way. This is achieved by educating clients to understand customer needs and meet customer expectations by use of appropriate business processes and tailored software tools.